Client Experience Training For Veterinary Professionals

Tailored training courses to suit individual needs including client experience excellence, inbound and outbound phone skills and customer journey mapping.

At Vet CX, we recognise that the needs of different practice teams are individual, and as such we offer tailored training courses to suit the needs of our clients. This includes full-day, half-day, offsite, or in-practice.

Inbound phone skills customer care training.

The primary contact method for new and existing vet practice customers is the phone. This means that providing excellent customer experience on in-bound calls to practices is critical for acquiring new customers, retaining existing clients, and providing the best care possible for your patients.

This training course is a practical, hands-on course focussed on inspiring customer care teams to deliver excellent customer experience, on every call.

Outbound phone skills customer care training.

When your customers leave your practice, what happens next? Does your team conduct regular recheck and revisits calls? Do you conduct proactive vaccination calls to increase your compliance rates? If not, perhaps you need some help.

This training course is a practical, hands-on course designed for customer care teams. After the course, attendees will be equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to carry out outbound calls and help drive excellent customer experience.

In-practice customer journey mapping.

What is the door-to-door experience that your customers go through when visiting your practice for an appointment? How can you make a visit to the vet as simple as possible for your customers?

This in-practice customer journey training session is designed for the entire practice team. As a team, learn what steps the patient and their owner go through in your care. Identify opportunities for improvements, provide the best care for your patients, and improve customer satisfaction and retention.

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Upcoming training 


Champions of Client Experience Training Program 2024

Become a Client Experience (CX) Champion in your veterinary practice. Join us for a CX Champions training program designed for veterinary practice teams. You can sign up to one workshop or the four-part series to be held throughout 2024.

In this program, you will learn:

  • How to create exceptional client experiences every time.
  • How to improve your net promoter score and create clients for life. 
  • How to help grow your team proficiency and profitability.