Boosting your business efficiency and client service

Business efficiency is essential for survival and growth in today's dynamic and competitive business landscape. V-Care is our virtual reception and administration support. The service integrates fully with your business and helps create a seamless and positive experience for your clients. 

What We Offer

Virtual reception call handling
 Need help with your phones? Integrate a virtual team that supports your business needs. Tasks could include and outbound call handling, scheduling, and managing appointments. It is fully customisable for your business goals and your client’s needs.
We use disaster-proof, cloud-based telephony with a remarkable 99.97% uptime. It offers tailored call routing, emergency pass-through services, call recording and reporting. 
Virtual administrative support
Get virtual support with your administrative tasks such as CRM and database file management, end-to-end billing management, processing of inbound and outbound correspondence and report creation.
Our team have an in-depth knowledge of various practice management operating systems, billing, and invoicing software – and they come from industry with knowledge of jargon.
An extension of your team 

Our virtual team members complement and extend your current in-house client care team. We are a dedicated extensions of your team and follow your specific systems and processes.

If there are any processes that are missing, out of date, or could use improvement, the CX First team can help you design them.

Flexible options 
V-Care is a flexible and scalable solution to help businesses improve their client experience. We offer different support options, from a full service, to cover specific tasks or times of the day or as an overflow service. 
The full-service package focuses on client conversion rates for new customers, value-add sales, and building life-time customer value and retention.

Why opt for a virtual approach?

Incorporating a virtual team enables you to streamline workflow, enhance client communication, and minimise administrative overhead, empowering your in-house professionals to concentrate on delivering top-notch client care.
Key Features:
•    Scalable solution suitable for business of all sizes.
•    Disaster-proof, cloud-based telephony with a remarkable 99.97% uptime.
•    Guaranteed increase in new customer conversion rates.
•    Tailored call routing and emergency call pass-through services.
•    Advanced call recording and intelligent reporting technology.
•    Reduce the noise and interruptions of phone calls from your reception desk.
•    Help shaping a forward-thinking business for the future.

Who can benefit?

Any business can receive help from virtual support. Whether you are an accountant, doctor, vet or trades person we have a scalable solution to suit your needs and goals. Some of the reasons why our current clients engaged us include: they didn’t want/need a full-time staff member on premise, no physical office to work from or they work between several sites, some are in the early stages of establishing a private practice/ business.

Take the First Step

Are you ready to explore how virtual teams can help your business? Get in touch with us to learn more about our V-Care service how we can customise it for your specific needs.